Direct Access Screening Colonoscopy

  • Designed to prevent colon cancer by streamlining the colonoscopy process for adults who should be screened
  • Allows eligible patients to be directly scheduled for their procedure without having to have an appointment with a GI physician first
  • Patients can be referred directly by PCP
  • You are eligible if you are age 50-75 and you have been seen by a PCP within the last 12 months
  • You may not be eligible if you have conditions such as rectal bleeding, chronic lung disease, kidney disease or heart disease. In this case you should schedule a GI office visit before scheduling a colonoscopy for evaluation.
  • To schedule your colonoscopy or refer a patient for a colonoscopy please call 630-889-9889

To schedule your colonoscopy,
or refer a patient for a colonoscopy,
please call 630-889-9889