What You Need to Know

Making an Appointment

You may call the office directly to make an appointment. Our team will make every effort to get you scheduled on a day and time that best meets your needs. We will also review your insurance plan and associated costs, including copayments and coinsurance. All patients need to complete our medical questionnaire and bring any related health records, copies of test results or imaging to your appointment.

What Happens After Your Consultation?

After your appointment, your doctor will outline a treatment plan for you. Our staff will review the information, in addition to the appointment notes, and you may receive a medication and test order summary.
We will provide you with written information on how to prepare for your procedure, including the steps you need to take before and after the procedure.

What if I am Having a Procedure?

patient with nurse Whether you're going for your first exam or are a veteran of the process, we will make sure that you are prepared and comfortable. We will always review your specific needs, and answer all questions. If you need and appointment, our friendly staff will:

  • Schedule the procedure
  • Give you what you need to know about the procedure
  • Review any dietary restrictions or special diet needs
  • Provide a review of medication and any possible adjustments
  • Help you understand what to expect after the exam
  • Plan for your recovery and aftercare needs

You will be given a list of everything you need to know to prepare for any tests or procedures your doctor has ordered. We include instructions for how to prepare and an overview of what happens during and after the exams.


Post Procedure

Clenpiq Colonoscopy Preparation [English] [ Spanish] [ Chinese]
Golytely Nulytely & Gavilyte Colonoscopy Preperation[English] [Spanish] [ Chinese]
Plenvu Colonoscopy Preparation [English] [ Spanish] [ Chinese]
Suflave Colonoscopy Preparation [English] [ Spanish] [ Chinese]
Sutab Colonoscopy Preparation [English] [ Spanish] [ Chinese]
Post Procedure
Hemorrhoid Banding Preparation [English] [ Spanish] [ Chinese]